Terms and conditions of use

Before purchasing please read our terms and conditions carefully and make sure you do understand them. By purchasing from PrestaToolkit you will agree to below terms and conditions.


We do not allow redistribution of purchased copy or any part of module or design fragments of module and is strictly prohibited. Though users can change parts of module for their own requirements.


We allow only one license per domain if you want to use this module for other domains than you must purchase multiple licenses(quantities).


Support is free of cost for purchased products only and for free products we do offer paid support. Please allow us at least  24 hours period after sending your request but it might take longer in case of holidays or huge amount of support queries so we appreciate your patience.

Refund Policy:

PrestaToolkit offers 30 day refund policy only if following conditions are satisfied

  1. You do provide us a way to fix bugs/issues you are having
  2. Copyright law is not violated
  3. You do provide us FTP and Back office access if requested

Refund request might be rejected if

  1. Copyright rules are violated
  2. You claim to bought it by mistake
  3. You claim that you might have bought wrong item
  4. If any module files are edited

Policy Changes:

PrestaToolkit reserves the right to change/update terms and conditions time to time without any notification. By using our site you do agree to our Terms of use.